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April 1983: Founder and President of the National Museum of Women in the Arts Wilhelmina (Billie) C. Holladay met with Texan and Washington D.C. lady of note, Elizabeth S. Hutchinson in Dallas. They began a tour across Texas to meet with prominent ladies who might have interest in the founding of a national museum solely dedicated to women’s art. They were greeted with rapt interest. This nascent commitment of interested women across the state was the beginning of the Texas Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

The official formation of the Texas Committee was announced at a tea at the Executive Mansion, hosted by Linda Gail White, wife of the Governor and Honorary Chairman of the Committee in October 1985. Contributions and donations flowed from Texas to Washington, D.C. as the museum passed from idea, to floor plan, to steel and stone.  A renovated Renaissance Revival Masonic temple became the elegant home of the National Museum of Women in the Arts. The dream of Wilhelmina Cole Holladay and her husband, Wallace F. Holladay, was realized when the doors of the NMWA opened in the spring of 1987.

For the past thirty years the Texas Committee has embraced the Museum’s mission to celebrate the achievements of women in the visual, performing, and literary arts. The Texas Committee’s mandated membership of forty continues to provide unflagging advocacy—through participation, donation, and support for outstanding exhibitions, acquisitions, and increasingly, through the NMWA’s public programs, which focus on women’s roles in social change.

Looking forward, the Texas Committee seeks to extend from the hub of the NMWA a network of connectivity. The Texas Committee’s website is a virtual conduit, providing a flow of information about the NMWA to museums, major galleries, and university and college centers of learning, artists, and supporters of the arts—by providing information of women’s artistic explorations, achievements, and exhibitions at the national level of the NMWA, as well as throughout state and regional levels in Texas.

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Brooke Taylor President
Lynn Crystal President Elect
Laura Fonville 1st Vice President
Joanne Johnson 2nd Vice President
Alice Starr Vice President at Large

Diane Ofner Secretary
Iris McWilliams Treasurer
Stephanie Sale Immediate Past President
Dot Snyder Nominating
                     Committee Chair


01 Alexander, Jean San Antonio
02 Blanton, Leslie Dyess Houston
03*Brown, Margaret Waco
04 Catania, Andrea Holt Midland
05 Childers, Sandra Amarillo
06 Cox, Barbara Fort Worth
07*Crystal, Lynn Finesilver San Antonio
08 Davis, Tommye Lou Waco
09 Farris, Claire Kenderdine Palestine/Fort Worth
10 Farrell, Danielle Frazer Amarillo
11 Fonville, Laura Perkins Dallas
12 Fouts, Katherine Beaumont
13 Friedman, Cornelia Fort Worth       
14 Johnson, JoAnne Helotes
15 LeBlanc, Dorothy Houston
16 Lewis, Caroline Dallas
17 Lokey, Liz Minyard Dallas
18 Martin, Priscilla Fort Worth
19 Mayfield, Beth Waco
20 *McCall, Pat Dallas

*Olson, Kay Woodward Waco Ex officio
**Adams, Janice Lindhurst Bryan Liaison to the Board

21 McWilliams, Iris Houston
22 Moorman, Nancy San Antonio
23 Ofner, Diane Peek Houston
24 Oswalt, Karen Ross Austin
25*Perkins, Margaret Tyler
26 Presley, Lucinda Hanks Palestine
27 Richter, Elizabeth Chu Corpus Christi
28*Sale, Stephanie Bryan/College Station
29 Selig, Lyn Straus San Antonio
30 Slattery, Ann Montalba
31*Snyder, Dot Houston
32 Starr, Alice Waco
33*Stribling, Jo Waco
34 Taylor, Brooke Waco
35*Winn, Betty Bentsen McAllen
36 Willeford, Pamela Pitzer Austin


Cahoon, Paula Midland
George, Tricia Mast Dallas
Hathoot, Janie Little Rock, AR
Holguin, Rosario El Paso
Holt, Helen Joan Midland
*Hunt, Caroline Rose Dallas
Hurley, Joanna Dallas
Judd, Rue Houston
King, Bette Tyler
Long, Teresa Austin

*Member of the National Advisory Board, NMWA
**Member of the National Board of Trustees, NMWA

Lowery, Susan McAllen
Mast, Patricia Nacogdoches
McAllister, Edith San Antonio
Meadows, Patricia Dallas
Ochoa, Ozden College Station
Roach, Jean Fort Worth
Teeple, Mary Spicewood
Wommack, Barbara Corpus Christi
**West, Alice Wichita Falls



Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson, 1920-2010

When Elizabeth Stafford Hutchinson met Wilhelmina Cole Holladay in 1956, neither had any inkling of the bond they would one day share over the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Born in 1920 in Palestine, Texas, Hutchinson was a Texan through and through. Her unwavering enthusiasm and spirit had been among the museum’s most valuable tools in its efforts to become a reality and success. Hutchinson was a founding member; trustee, past secretary, and vice president emerita of the museum.

In 1983, Hutchinson came upon a cover story in the Washington Post about Mrs. Holladay and her vision for a women’s art museum. Remembering Mrs. Holladay from their work together entertaining American Field Service students in Washington, she called up her old friend to congratulate her. At the request of Mrs. Holladay, Hutchinson was invited to tea at the British Embassy, where the ambassador’s wife was honoring Mrs. Holladay. Over tea, Mrs. Holladay explained their plans for the museum, to which Hutchinson offered to begin a state committee in Texas. Mrs. Holladay responded with zeal, leading Hutchinson to say: “Clearly she knows that letting a Texan show off her home state is like writing a contract without a termination clause."
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